So much can happen In 1236 days:

That’s how long it has been: 1,236 days.

But here I am with another interesting number: 100.

100 days until I walk down the aisle as a bride, and walk back up it as a wife. In fact: With so few days ahead and so many days behind: I found it poetic to look back at the getting there while enjoying the being here. After all, the concept will never grow old! I feel I have embraced the philosophy well: Being content with the now, while working toward the future. In the blink of an eye: hundreds of days have flown past and I’ve learned many new things and seen many new places:

When I wasn’t looking: the love of my life showed up and well: we’re getting married in 100 days! And I’m that bride-to-be that is ready and willing to tell any stranger my love story! 

Darling Baby Libby was born! Allison birthed the most darling baby girl and I am so blessed to be a sort-of-aunty Kitty to Libby. Look out! Here comes the flower girl! 

I converted to Catholicism: A structure of faith that has blessed my life with good worship and extraordinary moments of our miraculous God. I told you a lot can happen in 1,236 days!

I found Montauk: One of my favorite places in the world: And we celebrated the marriage of one of John’s aunts in the Hamptons:

In all of this time: Lizzy has graduated from high school and started University.

When she isn’t busy being Busy Lizzy: The Smartest in the Family Lizzy,

we drink lots of tea and have NYC Adventures. 

We celebrated the engagement and then the marriage of my dear friend and sister: Rebekah. Don’t worry. We already have her lined up for our big day! She’s such a darling to all, that she is in high demand for maidenly duties!

I explored Europe with my nannyfam and even enjoyed a few days solo in Paris:

Every moment was a dream! 

I returned to America for a few more summer nights out a the ballgame and guess what: My nannybabes turned me into a what? a Yankees fan!

The year progressed and someone popped a very lovely question:

My darling boy: My moon:

I fall more and more in love with him each day.

Ugh! So in love. Thanks to Andrew Lowery Photographyfor our engagement pictures!

Stay tuned for the wedding edition! 100 days and counting!

We celebrated with family and friends and boy do I feel loved!

We’ve still yet to line up all of the bridesmaids together (Missing the Loveliest Anna Adams here)

But stay tuned for Bachelorette weekend!

The past year and a half since the engagement has been a whirlwind of challenges and happiness.

I presented my senior thesis:

And I went dog sledding:

I went wedding dress shopping : Not pictured! Ha!

And hiked a leg of the Catalina trail with my west coast sista!

And then we chilled on the Santa Monica Pier with the nannyfam for a few days, while I recuperated from my dabbling with the great outdoors!

I got to meet my darling Margo! Who is darling and squishy and a blessing to me! Just like her sister and her Mother!

Here is the whole crowd: Celebrating Lizzy’s birthday and Margo’s arrival! 

I graduated with a degree in English. But I finished up my final assignments from my bed with the flu. So Junie B. decided to cover this memory that should have been commemorated with a picture:

The rest has been a blur of planning and arranging and filling my days without school, only work. These moments have been filled in between with countless other ones that have filled my heart with joy. I’m one happy girl and I am one blessed woman, surrounded by a wealth of wisdom, compassion, and love. I wax poetic as I restart this little corner of the internet. It’s always been about love and all of my random insights and dabbles. So you won’t find the negativity, the politics, the darkness around here. Because part of getting there: is being positive and loving in the being here.

John and I returned last weekend from our Engaged Encounter weekend where we spent time focused and preparing and discussing our upcoming nuptials. I was blessed both mornings with the sunrise. I like to think of this post as a sunrise. As a new day for my love and for my random thoughts.

Thanks for humoring this narcissistic trip down memory lane. It’s been a great 1,236 days. Here’s to the next really important 100 days.