10 Things You Need To Know::

If one is to celebrate my father:: then there is much to know::


#1:: He pierced my ears on the kitchen counter with an apple, an ice cube, and a needle when I was 8 years old.

#2:: He said through his role as my dad, “here is the world, you can have anything from it,”


#3:: He saw us girls as potential deckhands, and we’ve been sailing the waves of the world ever since we acquired our sea-legs.

#4:: His creative energy is contagious. He makes you want to travel the world and not only see what you see, but also understand the depth of what you see.


#5:: He makes not making plans look easy.

#6:: He and I are the same in regards to my hair and his goatee:: Grow it out, chop it off **repeat**.

photo-6#7:: His faith in people is boundless. He sees the untapped potential of every soul and his place in the lives of many is of considerable value as he reaches out as a wave of possibility and encouragement. 

#8:: His foray into prose continually astounds me as he processes all that he feels and sees. 

photo-5#9:: His birthday was yesterday.

And sometimes, though life is brilliant in the big NYC, I crave so much to sit with him in the early morning as we do when I visit Georgia. We sit in bed and we talk through our half-awake mouths, and watch the news with our half-awake eyes, and hear the bustling of the house as it wakes up with our half-asleep ears. And though not all of those precious mornings are very clear from my half-asleep brain, I cherish those moments and every moment in between since the moment he held me in his arms and smiled down at his newest daughter. 

DADDY AND ME AWWWWWTo feel loved is one of the most essential feelings I require to function. And on those days when the city chews me up and spits me out, the feeling of being loved is never very far away. Even though we live 883 miles away, I feel his presence in my life moving everyday:: as I put my earrings on, or try and arrange my day, or when I dream about far away places of adventure.

#10:: He’s taught me, and countless others:: Everyday is an adventure.

photoA very merry birthday Papa Bear,

photoPS:: Isn’t he the coolest?!?

Love little bunny,



  • September 15, 2013 at 6:04 PM // Reply

    Love to you and your Papa Bar, who I think is pretty cool, too!

  • September 15, 2013 at 6:06 PM // Reply

    Fat thumbs – Papa Bear. :)

  • September 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM // Reply