Well. Today I felt the first inkling of fall.


That movement deep within the soul, rustled by a crispness in the air. The buzzing city air, though far from Glenwood Primary school, brought forth the excitement of the new school year:: fresh school supplies, my perfect dress for the first day of 1st grade, the anticipation of escaping the heat of summer, and even the quiet anxiousness over walking through that classroom door alone. All of these feelings came welling forth.

Well it all hit me square in the chest today and indeed I relished the return to the routine and structure of school and work but it also, fleetingly, made me nostalgic for yesterday’s summer. Then I realized, that I had excitement to share from May. So, here goes summer in 15 photos (more or less) (you ought not to count).


Probably one of the more fantastical tales is of my adventures in Brooklyn. I rented in Greenpoint in May and signed a lease for an apartment in Manhattan on July 1st. Brooklyn and I didn’t mesh well and maybe we’ll try again some other time (key word being ‘maybe). I rented a Uhaul and on the above rainy day, I moved the van load of my life to the UES in under 5 hours. 27 trips up 5 flights of stairs and I managed to keep it together and make it to work afterwards! I don’t recommend doing this.


Then this beauty rescued me! You know from last week, that she served as the sanity to my Operation Furnish Longbourn (my house’s name)!


I think she is so lovely and I know you won’t mind if I post a trillion pictures of her.


This kid served as our personal comic relief, random referencer, and all-around Javert.


(EXHIBIT A):: Gang of New York:: Lee Lundy:: At what we deemed to be THE ‘5 Points’!

_MG_8115One of the many positive experiences I had with these two over their stay at Longbourn was our Fourth of July. Quite out of character, I made no plans and we wandered here and there and ended up having hotdogs for lunch in Union Square, a picnic dinner in Central Park South, and then fireworks on the Hudson. We then migrated with the rest of Manhattan back home on crowded buses and trains and enjoyed the entire way singing and giggling and completely sticky from the watermelon we snacked on while the fireworks boomed boomed boomed ( produced by Usher nonetheless (!?!) )


I had Lee and Lu experience Laduree like true pros and we left with more than we could eat! Such a delight! And I fell in love all over again with Lulu’s midi rings, my white radiators, my lace curtains, and pink macrons!



I went to my FIRST concert! This made me cool and I’ll tell my grandchildren that I saw Jay Z and JT in concert together and they’ll think I was such a dweeb. I just know it. Also:: I love My Dear Elizabeth.


This is the East River Ferry and I think everyone should ride it up and down the East River every day. It’s so lovely no matter what time of the day/year and is the best selfie-op out there! Also:: I love My Dear Elizabeth.

The rest of the month included work and waking up to the sun streaming through my lace curtains and then we have vacation time:: OFF TO ROME GEORGIA! CUE THE PUP–PUP PICTURES:


My Frankalin is so dear to me. Such a good brudder to me!



Three of my favorites inhabit the picture above. Would you know, that I got to ‘Substitute Nanny’ for these two darling boys! I’m so lucky! Plus, MH, I see teeth in this picture and I love it! You might be wondering who/what that fluffy white thing is!

Well that is F. Scott Fitzgerald:: Lovingly referred to as Fitzy! Hims became my sweet while I vacationed in Georgia and we are the bestest of friends::

Fitzy loves to cuddle, pop bubble wrap with his sharp babybaby teeth, edit blog posts, nip at shoe laces, arrange my outfits and he is currently making his way through my library of classics.


 What is his favorite thing to do ever, you may ask? Well for 5 months old he has very sophisticated taste:: He is currently halfway through season 2 of Downton Abbey. He is just addicted to the dramatics and the intricacies of aristocratic life during the early 20TH century! Fascinated beyond belief.

(You must think I’m joking, but if it’s on:: Fitzy is glued to it).

We are classic together. I have my tea, and we watch Downton together while he sits in my lap.

Our mornings are positively divine!


I’m positively in love and he makes my days complete. Seriously, for all of you that go home everyday to an empty house:: you need your very own Fitzy! Today we laid in the park on our flamingo blanket for 2 hours and I read and he napped. PERFECTION!


So:: Here we are:: School is starting up and life in NYC is just so blessed and so charmed. I hope you love Fitzy as much as every pedestrian on the street does. I hope that you think My Dear Elizabeth is divine from every angle. I hope you can feel the presence of my parents as they are my constant support. They get the questions and have the answers before I even turn to google. I hope you understand that parents are better than google. I hope you’ll forgive a summer of blogging in one post. The leaves are on their way out and the colors of the wind are on their way in. Pocahontas would be excited.

Much love (from Fitzy too!),


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  • September 6, 2013 at 8:28 AM // Reply

    LOVE these updates & being able to meet Fitz! Thank you for sharing!