17 GOING ON 18 : :

It’s a funny thing, Sisters.

We have a rhythm, a routine, a comfort zone. 

It makes our relationships understandable, predictable. 

image Growing up with 2 sisters, any given summer day could mean that I was odd girl out and that Caroline and Elizabeth had teamed up to purposefully exclude me from our theatrical plays or our explorations of the woods. 


But don’t feel sorry for me:: #1 I probably deserved it. #2 It would be Caroline’s or Elizabeth’s turn maybe even within the hour or at maximum the very next day.


But as we’ve gotten older and the world has separated us, the routines are no longer possible and slowly surprises have started creeping in. Stunning surprises like personality traits that couldn’t emerge crammed in with 2 other girls, and abilities that had previously been undiscovered. I think it’s important to note that girls, women, find who they are innately at a stage of independency where they are tasked with finding themselves for the purpose of living and loving. This past year living in three different places, the surprises have emerged with increasing frequency and here we arrive with our Lulu::


Snarky and brilliant, we always knew she was sharp, cunning, and adventurous. However, I don’t think any of us could have predicted her quick wit and her diverse love of this planet. She can be explaining to me the distinguishing / disturbing traits of the Kardashien sisters (will I ever get them strait?!?) and then spouting off fascinating statistics on deadly viruses and world populations! 

I’ve always considered myself the nurturer / mother bear / hoverer of the three of us. However, as I moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan by myself while working full time, I was truly digging into the reserves of my sanity:: Yet again:: Enter Lulu:: She swooped in and helped me furnish my new place and even assembled ALL of the furniture while I was working. She ran my household for a solid 3 weeks! I can’t forget to mention my busted up toe that bled everywhere and that she doctored while I hyperventilated. These moments have not shocked me because I’ve always understood her to be perfectly capable. They’ve just brought me so much joy to see her embracing a self free of others! While we’re still confused about her generally low-self esteem, I’ll just keep avoiding standing next to her in pictures:: for though some say we look like twins, I can feel my hair dulling just standing next to her with gorgeous blonde wavy waves!


A very merry birthday my brave-adventure seeking-goddess-mermaid-seester!


 You mean the world to me:: forever and ever.



I’ll leave you with this::

“But we must stem the tide of malice, and pour into each other’s wounded bosoms the balm of sisterly consolation.” – Mary Bennet (Pride and Prejudice).


To the moon and back my lovie,